Meet the Team

Hi all, My name is Tracy. I’ve been in retail for over 16 years, while studying health sciences. Less than half a year, I decided to wrap up my career in retail clothing and maintain my occupation at BC Cancer. This is when I decided to pursue and focus my energy on Priority Candles. Each candle I have made, has been delicately handmade and thoughtfully curated. I hope you enjoy them; the new vessels and scents only brighten someone’s day that much more. If you’ve chosen to purchase my candles, I humbly appreciate your support.

As this tiny company begins to grow; I am fortunate to have my dearest friends join me as colleagues. Their tremendous support is unwavering. 

Rachel - She’s a beautiful soul,  who is a senior leader in the same hospital as me. If you do not catch her at either occupations she’s on the soccer field or weightlifting. 

Sandy - A lovely friend, a wonderful mother and wife. Graduate and a licensed RN, it is no wonder why her love for this venture is poured in her handmade scrunchies. If you don’t see her hard at work with the sewing machine she’s out with the boys on a new adventure.