About Us

Last year, during the Holiday Season, I wanted to present my family and friends with my time, and what better way to do that than with candles! Time is my love language and as we journey through the highs and lows of life, candles have developed into a soothing therapy. Candles helped me stay at peace while I balanced two jobs during the busiest season of the year. My wish was to bring warmth and calmness to the recipients of these lovely candles.

Soon after, we received positive feedback, and a few wanted to purchase and share the candles with their loved ones. Founded by my husband and I in our home kitchen with the help of our great friend D, this business is slowly but surely gaining momentum. As it has brought our inner circle much bliss and delight, we hope to set this aroma and radiance within your homes.


The right to take precedence before another.

Our key values are wellness and balance. Our goal is for our customers and audience to take the time to put their care and needs in order. The candles act as a reminder to take care of our health and welfare to provide and ensure a positive aura and deliverance

Our Ethos,Happy Heart. Be Kind. Self Love